I’m a Motorola and Android is my friend
I play with your mind
I offer gestures so kind
I deliver state of the art tech
So you can be entwined.

They call me Moto
Mainly because I can say ‘Hello’
I love it when you ask me a question in the palm of your hand.

I light up your creativity
Touch me on my sensor,
Take a picture and send…
I want you to remember this journey of no end.

Affordable to all that I meet
No reason for you to fall asleep,
While you wait for your friends, in the corner of a hidden street.

I know you love to pretend
Singing and wiping tears to amend.

Pixels bursting out of this screen
Offering a place where you can learn and extend.

Pick me up
Let the adventure ascend.

‘Hello Moto’


Photo by David Grandmougin

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