I deleted my account
Even though I was one of the first to sign up
Without a shadow of doubt.

I connected with friends
And posted pictures to pretend
Then I watched the carnage
Of people’s personal and global wars
Talk to the world like a broken harness.

Upon one day
I decided to build a brand
To which a lot of money needed to exchange hand.

This put content in front of my mother
Who was already a friend
But she couldn’t see it without me paying to send.

With another day to report
My data had been stolen
And sold to someone of all knowing
Who laughed without showing
A bank account, swamped in pools of green and dark-yellow gold.

I realised then
I was being duped
By a free service using humans as food.

I recommend you do the same
And wake the fuck up from your pathetic shame.

But let me contradict myself, like a twat…
Because now I use Instagram,
To fill the same gap,
Which is owned by Facebook…
I know, what a silly prat.

I’m paying for likes
And hoping people will read my content
So my brand will be super hype.

But that shit is costing a fortune
And some bloke is laughing at my misfortunes
As I try to show people my free content.

So, now I await
For a code breaker
To develop a slate of a different fate,
That will make the content creators famous
And help new brands become more than just a double tap.

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