A woman who takes more than she needs
Concerning to watch
Pretending to care
She breaks the hearts of all she meets.

Discontent with everything she collects
Including life forms
Just pets
A moment of comfort
Followed by neglect.

Although loving
Time comes to get
Pulling her down
Changing patterns in her mindset.

Needing change
She reaches for a cigarette
Dipping out of character
Becoming someone else
With no regrets.

Who is she now?
As she walks home with another man
Discovering her new plan.

Selfish or a free spirit?
While her husband and children stay at home
Awaiting her smiling arrival
Telling her story while her eyes show something else.

A woman to never trust
A relationship broken from lust
A reason for solitary confinement
That beckons from her choice of must.

Trapped in the children’s eyes of love
Awaiting a time of departure
All laughter stops
Loyalty holding trust
In this modern world of rust.

The day will come
When the entanglement of love
Becomes a flying white dove.

Free again
Start again
Loyalty dancing with trust
With a woman that carries honour
A must.


Photo by Mickael Gresset

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