When Monday comes
I roll my eyes to the back of my head,
5 days of working
to pay the bills
and pay for bread.

The chore of Tuesday
is like working with no end
the only way to get through it
is to simply just pretend.

Wednesday arrives as your friend
because it’s midweek
and brings you closer to the end.

Thursday can be gritty
with 4 days in
it’s easier to move forward
rather than start again.

Friday feels exciting
with one last easy push.
Everyone runs out the door
with a gentle wave and a mush.

Saturday is a wondrous joy
and simply can’t be missed
as someone lights the barbeque
and we all get really pissed.

The last day off is Sunday
which starts off really well,
but by ten o’clock in the evening,
it turns back into hell.
You can only set the alarm clock for Monday
and wish you had more time to sell.

Photo by Curtis MacNewton

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