I feel death when awaking in the morning.
I’m shown images of death which are highly concerning.
Why do I see these moments of hurting?
Which can only be seen in black and white.

The answer to saving all is given to me with purpose;
words placed into a sequence, designed to nurture.
I don’t need a superpower or a spaceship that shakes the ground to make people nervous.

I see young children in the gutter, among the grey pavement and black butter;
still, with death – lying fully clothed – with dirty skin and a story to be told.

I see a man who can change the world but it won’t be easy when he prays in front of death.
With freedom comes more death;
with smiles come more grey gravestones;
with change comes soft hands holding onto to diamonds and pearls.

The change is coming;
the change is becoming;
the change is happening;
so the children can rule the world.

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