I want to disappear, leave –
without anyone knowing where I am.
Nobody will miss me;
my job doesn’t mean anything
or will come to anything
when missed for a moment
by fragile minds.

Do you know who you are?

Life is empty, magnified for intensity –
in a world filled with paradoxical skies.

Get up and drive to the beach, walk in the sea –
barefoot with bubbles falling through time.
Run! Through the wind, laugh at your finds,
never let your inward thoughts make you blind.

Do you know the time?

Change your day, stay in bed,
read a book and escape through – gaps – between the words.
Find a corner in the garden, relax with yourself;
listen to the hustle and bustle of the insect world.
Walk with the dog – find yourself;
discover that all the animals just want to be friends.

I want to disappear, leave –
without anyone knowing where I am.
The quiet is difficult to find,
but I’m patient in the dying corner of my mind.
The music softens my tired breath as the frequency
created by others enters my lost head.

Are you still in bed?

To dream a dream in the vicinity of this message –
is to see, is to be free, is the hot cup of coffee.
The window calls out your name,
with the light refracting through the pane.
A rainbow falls through your hand;
maybe it’s God! Reminding you! To stand.

Will people remember this plan?
When getting through life was like driving in a van.
Could you take me to a new world?
I want to see the galaxy dance into a twirl.
My heart beats out loud because, in space, there is no sound.

I want to disappear, leave –
without anyone knowing where I am.
What will people think if I never return?
The truth is – nobody cares as we find the answer
when we converse with ourselves.

Authors Thoughts

I wanted to write a beautiful poem about disappearing into the unknown, seeking quietness, away from people, alone! To enjoy time with myself and understand life. Sometimes, this is only possible through the thoughts in your mind. Many people do this without realising; it’s the art of escapism and it helps us relax, meditate and recharge our energy.

The working life cycle can be stressful, hard work or mundane. Have you ever looked up at the sky and wished to be taken away? I think we all have at some point on our little journey here. A World Filled With Paradoxical Skies – was written with these thoughts. I wanted to remind the reader that we all go through it, but we can turn the negative into a positive by finding some quiet time and doing something really simple to escape.

I hoped you enjoyed the poem and it made you smile.

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