Clouds depart in a dark storm
as the sunshine sprays out a ray of warmth.
A butterfly lands on the golden sands of Saturn
and flutters its beautiful wings like a woman dressed in satin.
When I’m broke and can’t afford to eat –
a ten-pound note washes up in the street.
When someone dies, they visit me in my dreams;
they smile as I ask: “Where the hell have you been?”.
A flat stone always appears,
when I’m skimming my lost soul across a silver screen.

The signs remind me that this is all fake.
Something likes to watch as my mind slowly breaks.

My children give me a kiss and a cuddle
when I’m least expecting this love so great.
In moments of fear, someone will come to help;
who are these strangers? I cannot tell.
My friends and family knock at the door,
especially when I think about them – five minutes before.

I ask for a sign,
I request a purpose,
and it’s given like putting a clown in a circus.

I’ve seen things that will bend your mind.
I’ve meditated and spoke to the mighty divine.
I’ve seen the future and the past.
I hope these visions don’t come true and pass.

The trees speak to each other through the wind.
The sand dunes hide diamonds that fall through your hands.
Can you taste the sea salt while walking hand in hand?
These beach coves have secret stories – hidden deep within the lands.

Life follows you around;
you can feel it – in your house – around half-past twelve.
Sometimes, life is ahead, or sometimes it’s still lying in bed.
I’ve seen a crow talk to a sparrow;
an impossible conversation without any sorrow.
The black and white cat sits on the shed
and confronts all! When it wants to get fed.

The signs are plentiful,
talk is lovely,
power is choice and life is none refundable.

I’ve forgotten how to feel life,
but it waits for me to get it right.
A gold and silver Moth lands on a blade of grass
and leaves a path of destruction like an atomic blast.
The mountains breath air into my lungs
and protects all life from the blazing Sun.

Please show me a sign!
I can sense something beyond the realm of this climb.

I can see the patterns;
I can feel the waves;
I can taste the energy while being deprived of this race.

The cracks in the pavement never get repaired.
The stingy nettles hurt when I’m never prepared.
The ants make a nest outside my house.
It’s not fair when the pigeons shit on the summerhouse.

I want life to be this crazy adventure
with bubbles, laughs and me at the centre.
I can see fruit and vegetables with all the colours of the rainbow –
making soup in a bottomless pot;
It’s always piping hot for everyone to scoff.
White bread awaits with massive brown crusts;
butter spills off into a bowl with pepper on the top.
Life is easy; life is full of signs,
the more, the better, on this continuation of time.

When it’s pitch black from the dark outside,
my mind lights up from a colourful life.
The night brings silence, but I can hear teeth grinding,
belly rumbles and talking aloud from dreams.
The easy life is not what it seems.

Every tick from the wall clock is paid for,
in the form of triple-A battery cells.
The water, gas, electric, council tax, VAT, pension,
insurances, road tax and N.I –
are just a few bills I can remember from this time to reply.

We have walking, singing, talking, laughing,
sex and friends for free,
but we still have to pay to live among the concrete.

Today I whispered to an oncoming train;
it took me on a journey among the hills of nature’s play.
The rolling greens and magic trees were painted through the summer breeze.
It was romantic as this lady of youth sat next to me,
and she turned and smiled with pearls of glee.
Her misfortunes of saddened tears quickly lifted into fortunes;
as we spoke about the power of endorphins.

A sign revelled itself. It simply read:
We’re all just bits of energy, running around on a celestial bed“.

For a moment I thought my mind broke,
but then a bloke walked past with a splutter and a choke.
I lost sight of the lady from the train.
We never met again, which was a real shame.

Did you know a two-hour film can take four years to make?
As you watch it, time doesn’t wait.
When you awake from the pictures inside your head;
it’s time to put the kettle on and tuck the kids into bed.

You didn’t see the Sun fall past the horizon,
you missed the inversed shadow from the Moon,
move over the platinum back garden.
The hedgehog stole the dog food,
the boy next door played the flute,
and it all happened because it should;
in a moment of palpitating could.

I decided to take the car out for a quiet spin.
On my own, because I needed time to think.
We ended up on a beachfront, where the water crashed upon the silt.
If you listen carefully, you can hear a translucent song.
The sea sings to all life in this world.

The words were magical and filled with thought;
it was wisdom beyond these ears of hurt.
All the answers resonated with my soul,
and I was given purpose for these years of old.

The clouds depart like blackbird wings.
I’m never broke with food in my throat.
All my dreams are achievable, alive or even when I’m broke.
I found the flat stone among the millions
because I was looking for a singularity throughout the billions.

The signs are fake among these words of mistake.
A thousand words lined up without any debate.
These words are on paper to start a conversation –
with you and the lady at the station.

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