1. Change Your Routine

Try and get out of that same old routine. Shopping on Saturday, sex once a week or month, moaning about things that never really mattered compared to when you first met, sitting in front of the television every night, never going out, arguing over who’s turn it is to do a particular job. The list is endless. Try and do something different every week. Work as a team and plan a good weekend together. Plot a night of passion that will set you both on fire. The key is to surprise each other, keep each other on your toes and work together. If you do this for each other, it can make the daily routine a more pleasurable experience.

2. Compliments

When was the last time you complimented each other? A compliment can go along way. A simple, “you’re looking good today”, or “I like that dress or shirt on you”. Can give a sense of lost pulsating magic and make you feel young again.

3. Romance

Be romantic and go out for a meal. Remember when you first met, you both had many meals together and enjoyed a bottle of wine. A candlelit dinner makes you feel wanted and warm inside. A simple gesture of calm conversation, whilst enjoying each other’s company goes a long way. Send her stunning flowers with a little note saying how much you love her. Buy each other a simple gift or something nice that will be appreciated. Why not send her a beautiful love poem and slip it into her handbag.

4. Touch Each Other

Offer your partner a relaxing massage and spend time with each other, caressing and easing all those worries and stressful days away. Normally a few candles can increase the mood, and the scent from the burning wax can be tranquil.

5. A Bath

Run your partner a hot bath for when they return from work, make sure you put plenty of bubbles in. This can be surprising, and there is nothing like the pleasures of a hot bath for a soothing 30-minute rest.

6. Conversation

Listen to each other and ask questions about each other’s day. Don’t sit there and pretend. There is nothing worse than knowing that your partner is not taking any notice of your words of conversations.

7. Get Family Orientated

Play with the kids and spend a couple of hours a week doing something together. Board games, walks around the park, talk time, cards, gardening and keeping fit. Never sit around the house looking at each other, complaining you can’t afford to do anything.

8. Text

Try and send each other a sexy text message now and again. Make an effort and find that connection you both made when you started seeing each other. If you can’t communicate face-to-face and probably start laughing at each other, then a text message is a great way of expressing yourself, without finding the situation embarrassing.

9. Hobby

Find something to do in your spare time. There is so much to do if you look. Sit down and give each other a piece of blank paper. Now both write down what you would like to do. Compare your notes and get involved. Dancing, rock climbing, fishing, wrestling, water sports, painting, orienteering, bird watching and photography are a few ideas to get you started.

10. Activities

Get out of the house with the whole family. Visit a castle or a huge adventure park. If you check with the local library, you will find plenty to do in your area. A family day out is one of the most pleasant experiences of being a proud parent.

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