If you’re thinking about buying the book Paradoxical Vista, you might want to know a little about the content. The poems inside typed on the pages have been written to make you STOP! And think about life, death and all that resides in the middle.

The poetry that fills the pages – take you on a journey into the inner depths of your mind, and will turn the curvature of your brain-waves outside in. Each poem is thought-provoking to a point where you will question your own existence. This was designed into each word for the reader, to not only understand themselves but to figure out the authors play on reality, the human condition and consciousness.

Life Is Poetry

Many of the poems have also been written to help you accept life and death. When the human mind gets to a certain age, you will question what this place is, and maybe ask yourself “what happens next?” (Does life go on after death?). This is normal for many human beings on this tiny rock, flying around a galaxy, travelling through this infinite universe.

Many people will find the answers they need through religion, science, a spiritual awakening or through their friends and family. If you are still questioning reality or life? Paradoxical Vista is like another doorway that will help you prepare for what awaits beyond the normality of basic thinking.

Poetry Is Life

This poetry book should be read slowly and carefully. It’s not been written for one sitting or to be skimmed; this will lead to confusion. Read each poem and try to understand the message or thought behind the words. It’s wise to only read two or three poems a day from Paradoxical Vista.

Many of the poems can suggest meaningful or meaningless criteria; this is the illusion, the paradox and the vista; experienced inside your mind.

Many people question the thought behind the poems, for example, an elementary, yet powerful poem and wisdom entity is called;


The full extract is this;


On first reading these simple words, it may not bring much to the table. However, dwelling on the statement, the question and the explanation will raise an eyebrow.

THIS IS IT – Reality, life and death all working its way through time on this planet. Make this moment count; this is your time to make it what you want it to mean. Will your name live through the ages and be remembered forever? Or are you happy just living it?

IS THIS IT? – Question everything, why are you here? Is life truly just a moment in time, or is something else going on? Seek the answers to your curiosity and be happy with the understanding of IS THIS IT?

IT IS THIS! – The fact you are sitting down reading these words, presented to you on this screen or book; is showing you IT IS THIS. This is what makes your reality acceptable, all while touching on every single emotion that makes you unique.

The words – ‘THIS IS IT’ have been reused three times to create the final act of wisdom, you might have noticed the words have been put in a different sequence. This has given you rise to the statement, question and answer all at the same time. The simplicity of the words gives rise to the Paradoxical Vista book title.

This is what the book is about, deep, meaningful creations that most people will need a little help and explanation with. The book is difficult, yet insightful with every word crafted to do its job in a paradox that can only be created within the realms of your mind.

Fully Illustrated

Paradoxical Vista is available in 3 formats, Paperback, Kindle digital and the fully illustrated paperback version. The illustrated book is A4 in size and is packed with beautiful pictures that complement the poems. This gives an extra visual experience that enhances the journey for the readers. The pictures have all been given credit to their photographers, who come from all over the world.

The pictures are mostly high definition; adding clarity and give beautiful quality to the book. The front cover has also been added in the first few pages without any text covering it. This shows the meaning behind the book with two men looking at each other (mirror image). This creates the paradox and the two galaxies coming together in the background creates the vista.


Poems & Wisdom

The book also comes complete with wisdom which can help with direction on the road ahead. These have been placed throughout the book to break up the poetry content. There are also some mind-bending treats that seem difficult to understand and read at first. Read through these several times; slowly, to get a better understanding of what the message is.

Poetry in its self is pansophy, which can make for great reading. Wisdom gives the mind a heightened sensation of life as we know it. This information can also be passed down to your children and loved ones and can help them with many situations in life.

The Authors Favourite

I will leave you with one of my favourite poems from the new book. I slotted this poem in towards the front of the book. It’s a reminder that we need to look up, explore and understand the mathematical probability of life that exists within an infinite universe. The journey is only beginning as this one terminates.


From a billion years too late,
creating states of existence,
in an essence of brilliance – on a journey that deliberates deliverance.

Belonging to all, these black nights filled with pockets of galactical,
manifested mystical’s – of fire and pure delight.

Welcoming all!
To join them in a dancing rage,
screaming to all who look upon their fate;
come and join us and live among this artificial state;
the black holes creating galaxies of continuous rate.

Follow me on this journey of magnificence,
stars falling in from everywhere,
dust clouds manifesting inside out,
colours only seen to believe their brilliance.

Planets colliding,
solar systems offering silence,
Moons defending restless meteors that seem lost at the gate.

A planet resides west offering food, shelter and light;
are you ready to hold on tight?

Entering the atmosphere with the weight of an eternal flight;
help me!
Ready to die with an overwhelming fight.

A raw silence hits the delicate shields of plasma,
giving off a radiance of fire.

Shades of blue await, living eyes await to communicate.
The journey is only beginning as this one terminates.

If you decide to buy the book, I hope you really enjoy it. Please let me know… I love you all.

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