To be King for one day.
To be looked upon as the public awaits.
Decisions to be made all to keep democracy in place.

A burden to carry.
Subtle whispers to marry.
Suggestive, without too much emphasis on the Government
answering to lords and barons.

Will my name be remembered for something great?
Or maybe just seen to communicate.

A young king on the throne with children listening and tasking.
The wife participating, offering content –
while dismissing hearsay to all standing.

Maybe a day seems too long in the asking.
A powerful card that needs more planning.

We’ve got it easy!
All we need is a few more holidays.
Is worth more to my working people than paying endless taxes.

To be King for one day.
Is it worth the pay?
Would it be worth it just for one day?

Will my people remember me?
As a man who set the world free
or a man who let the public down.

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