Driving behind these four rings of creation,
I feel happy, alive and full of inspiration.
These wheels talk to my inner sensation
while my mind escapes into the valley of participation.

I reach 80 in third;
cars and trucks fade away in reverse.
The gears help me engage with the slickness of the road,
as the tightness of the suspension plays with my soul.
Crystal clear sounds resonate from the Bang & Olufsen setup.
I accelerate over the mountains through this magnificent backdrop.

My mind escapes into a new universe.
I feel like a superhero driving this wonder through the curves.
It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from – in this world;
this car will take you on a journey to be earned.

I’m the IT guy; the cleaner; a company director or
the tea boy making cups of magic on the stove.
I’m a doctor; a lawyer or a vivid web designer – driving through time in reverse.

My day starts when I reach for the key.
I’m dreaming but living in my own steam.
This Audi TDI whispers to me: “vorsprung durch technik”

I know, but this isn’t a meme.


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