I purchased an Acer laptop

It looked sleek and ahead of the bunch,
A carbon effect dashboard
And lashings of what looked like love.

I took it home and struggled to connect
The Wifi kept turning off
Which seemed a little suspect
Especially – after what was spent.

This happened all the time
While lying on my bed
Scratching my deluded – and exploding tiny head.

The keys forgot their purpose
With A’s and E’s missing in my content.

Now I own an Apple,
I’m happy as shit can be
I can type with envisioned intellect
And connect like it’s for free.

I’m sitting all alone
In my little place of unknown
Away from all the children
And the horrible garden gnome.

I have a secret chuckle to myself
As I laugh at who owns it now
I sold it on Gumtree
To someone wearing a dressing gown.

Now I feel like Acer
A multi-billion pound lump
If only they sold products
That worked as much as love.

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