A life journey brings with it many different wonders and desires. Sometimes just taking a moment out to reflect, can bring you peace and balance. Here are a few of mine.

1. Never worry about what other people think of you. If you are worried about what other people are thinking of you, then remember this. The truth is everyone is too busy thinking about themselves to worry about what you are thinking. It’s a paradox that only exists in your mind. This circle of thought becomes realised by a wiser individual, thus brings confidence in one’s projection.

2. Stop holding on to something that doesn’t exist in the realms of reality. Let it go, let it all go as you are in control of what you want to make happen.

3. To sit around and wait for something to happen will take a long time. Make yourself comfortable as you will be waiting for a lifetime.

4. A Paradox of delusion is simply a very good magic trick.

5. A smile is an open gesture to an invitation. What you do at the party will make people happy. Remember you’re hosting the face.

6. To read one subject in a lifetime may make you famous. Inter-linking all information together will bring you forward to one subject, unlocking the secrets to the universe.

7. Common sense does not exist, as all people would be a category of un-proportional measure. Common sense is a compilation of life experiences.

8. In many situations, things seem complicated and simply unachievable. Keep looking at the problem over some time. Your mind can slow everything down until it makes perfect sense of any particular sequence of information.

9. All Humans have a gift! We call it a choice.

10. Is this all just a holiday? It’s like we are all living in a simulator learning how to cope with the reality of life itself.

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